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If you’re in your 40s and 50s you may be experiencing hormonal fluctuations but may not have connected the dots between your symptoms and hormones. Did you know that hormones are the Holy Grail for how you look and feel and control EVERYTHING from your weight, energy, memory, mood, libido, skin/hair quality and resilience to stress? 

Top Signs of  Hormone Hell…Do any of these feel familiar?

  • Raging cravings for carbs/sweets?
  • The 2 pm afternoon slump or feeling tapped out?
  • Resistant weight gain, especially belly fat aka muffin top, that won’t budge no matter what you do?
  • Tired but wired feeling like you haven’t slept in years?
  • Recurring headaches, tension in face, jaw, shoulders, back or chest?
  • Bloating, fluid retention, GERD, acid reflux and other gastrointestinal distress?
  • Thinning hair or the horror of hair loss?
  • Saggy skin that has lost its elasticity, healthy tone?
  • Memory/focus gridlock with the inability to remember things?
  • Overwhelm to the point where your exercise schedule or “me” time is non existent?
  • Feeling not enough at work…as a Mom…as a wife and not having energy to be with your kids/grandkids?

…The good news is that you’ve come to the right place as it ALL comes down to your hormones. We are conditioned as women to live in a way that gets our hormones to work AGAINST us. But you can learn to BEFRIEND your hormones naturally just by the way you eat, sleep, move and supplement so you can look and feel gorgeous and rock your middle age, whether that’s a few years away or where you are right now!

Many of you have been told by your doctor that “you’re just hormonal but your tests say you’re fine”. Or that you’re crazy, lazy (just eat less, exercise more) which is totally antiquated advice that does not work. Or perhaps you’ve been offered birth control or an antidepressant but this is akin to putting duct tape on your check engine light so you don’t see the warning light but trouble is still brewing inside. You’ve been there, done that and you’re tired of giving up your power to a medical professional. And feeling like your body has suddenly betrayed you.

The truth is that none of this is your fault. This bears repeating. It’s not YOU. It’s not some inherent design flaw in your body where things go awry after 40 but a hormonal imbalance brought on by massive unremitting stress, processed foods, alcohol, sugar and our fast-food lives where you’re hurtling from task to task at 95 mph. But you can achieve hormonal harmony at ANY age. It won’t happen overnight. You have to coax and nudge the body for hormonal balance that will stick versus adopting a military approach where you’re popping pills and waging war on your hormones. And you have to take these matters into your own hands.

Now imagine for a moment what Hormone Harmony can mean for you:

  • No more sugar withdrawals and you can walk past the mid-morning mocha treats without blinking an eye
  • No more going on yo-yo diets, or downing chalky shakes that leave you feeling hungry
  • No more insomnia, headaches/migraines, aches/pains
  • No more runaway stress sabotaging your weight loss so you have to keep buying new clothes to find something in your closet that actually fits
  • No more worrying about your elevated risk of diseases like hormonal cancers or diabetes because you’ve invested in your health and have seen the payoff
  • No more suffering with low self-esteem/self-worth

Meet Your Hormone Whisperer

Hi, my name is Rupina Meer and I’d like to share what qualifies me to be your personal hormone whisperer…Before I became a Holistic Health coach, I wasn’t very healthy myself. I have an MBA and was steadily climbing the corporate ladder fueling myself with caffeine and sugar, like many of you.  Let’s face it, I was a sugar and caffeine addict, but didn’t know it at the time.

The sugar cravings were really a minor piece of my health challenges, but I also had a major health crisis. A brief brush with the Big C—cervical cancer (I now consider it a gift that propelled me down this path of hormone harmony) and that made me more aware of how food can be our medicine and how our thoughts (I was a raging self-critic and the negative chatter created a bad neighborhood ) and stress levels can create a healthy or diseased body. I was hurtling through life at 95 mph, surviving on frozen monstrosities devoid of any real nutrition. I never cooked and had no idea that this processed diet high in refined carbs was practically inviting those rogue cancer cells to make a snugly home in my body. Did you know that sugar is the preferred fuel for cancer cells? And the Standard American Diet (SAD) that many of you are consuming  coupled with your runaway stress levels is literally like pouring gasoline to an already roaring hormonal fire.

Fast forward to 2011 when I healed myself not only from sugar cravings but also from cervical cancer that I created the 60-Day Hormone Harmony Mastery program to teach women how to balance their blood sugar and hormones so you can crush cravings, ignite your energy, rock your skinny jeans (in your 40s and beyond) and live your dreams without diets, deprivation or drugs. I knew I was onto something when my private coaching clients were able to achieve hormone harmony in as little as three sessions with a side of unstoppable energy, fat loss and younger looking skin to boot!

As a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, I’ve been privileged to learn from luminaries in the field of functional medicine including Drs. Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, and Deepak Chopra to name a few. I’ve also been trained by Harvard physician and NYT best-selling author of The Hormone Cure™, Dr. Sara Gottfried, on the Gottfried Protocol to balance hormones.

I’m the founder of Zen-triton, a thriving body-mind-spirit health coaching practice that has helped many of my clients reset their hormones and shed their old skins in the way of limiting beliefs/programming to rebirth grander, leaner, more energized version of themselves.

I’ve developed an evidence based program, including bite-sized diet/lifestyle changes along with proven herbs, supplements and coaching–sprinkled with mastering your psychology tools and accountability–to ensure your sustainable success. And I’m excited to premier this 60-Day Hormone Harmony Makeover program where you’ll get the hormonal blueprint to discover which foods, supplements, herbs and lifestyle practices will allow you to be back in control to balance your hormones to balance your life.

Zen-trition’s 60-Day Hormone Harmony Mastery is designed to remove the foods that are muddying the waters. We’re taking out the foods/toxins that slow you down, make you sick, clog your sinuses, cause gas and bloating, make you retain unnecessary weight and leave you feeling tired and foggy. Hormonal havoc!

Sometimes the things we’re removing are foods and sometimes they’re more than foods. . . behaviors or beliefs, patterns and habits, environmental toxins, all the things that are holding us back. And adding in nourishing foods/herbs and practices to create hormone harmony. Our intent here is hormonal balance and understanding how to achieve that for yourself.  Oh and in case you’re concerned about taking away all your favorite foods, rest assured there’s no deprivation or denial in this program.

“I was skeptical of this program as I thought it would ask me to remove many of the foods I enjoyed with gusto, and boy, was I wrong! Rupina really listened to my challenges and gave me so many yummy, healthier options of old favorites that I didn’t feel deprived in any way. I not only lost 8 pounds in just one month, but my energy levels are through the roof and my face is so clear and baby soft to the touch.”

~Sherry Ramirez


You have earned the right, a thousand times over, to claim your body as your own. But you don’t have to tough it out solo…I would be honored to be your hormone whisperer.  When I discovered how to befriend my hormones, it felt like magic. But luckily for you, it’s not magic but a PROVEN step-by-step solution to balance your hormones just by the way you eat, move, sleep and supplement and it will change your world. This is my personal invitation to give yourself permission to get unstuck by signing up for this breakthrough Hormone Harmony Mastery. And I promise you, your 40s and 50s can be the dawn of a new era…the best is yet to come!

60-Day Hormone Harmony


Stabilizing Blood sugar + How to Eat for Hormonal Balance


Physiology of Stress + Healing Adrenal Fatigue


GI & Digestive Health: Happy Gut = Happy Hormones


Detoxing from Endocrine Disruptors & Optimizing Pathways of Elimination


Detoxing Old Habits +Awakening Your Feel Good From the Inside Out + Supplements + Essential Oils + for Hormone Balancing


WRAP-UP Summary/Action Steps to Sustainable Sweet Success

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Six 90-minute Webinars – Each week you’ll receive a new module taught by me. I’ll give you uncensored ground-breaking information, tools and strategies that will be the catalyst for some seriously positive changes in your health.
  • Audio Recordings – You’ll get the recordings of the webinars so you can listen on the go whenever you can’t make the live calls.
  • Cure Your Cravings: Effortless Energy & Fat Loss Never Tasted So Good eBook – with three weeks of  chef created recipes curated specifically for hormone balance that will titillate your taste buds without spiking your blood sugar (like finger licking raw chocolate truffles so you can have your cake and eat it too).
  • Cure Your Cravings Shopping List – I’ve collated all the best foods for balancing your blood sugar and banishing your cravings into one handy reference list – so short of actually cooking your food, I’ve done all the hard work for you. You’ll discover the bitter truth about food labels and marketing leading to lots of “OMGs!”
  • Exclusive Access to Private Facebook community – Get professional support from yours truly and this exclusive community who are collectively exploring their stress/cravings/hormonal challenges. This is where the magic happens…it’s information arbitrage where recipes, tips, mind-body hacks are shared and and a-ha moments are encouraged and celebrated. The power of sisterhood at its best!
  • BONUS #1 – Two additional 90-minute Q&A calls where you have direct, personal access to yours truly (functional nutrition expert in your corner) for a fraction of the fees I charge my private coaching clients, so come prepared to ask questions and raise concerns unique to YOU. And you’ll also get to hear the questions and responses of your fellow hormone harmony peeps.
  • BONUS #2 – Cravings: Problem-Solution Guide pdf so you can decode what your cravings for sugar, salt and alcohol really mean and uncover the nutrition deficiencies that are sparking those cravings. And discover intelligent swaps so you don’t feel deprived!
  • BONUS #3 – I’ve scoured the internet and handpicked my favorite burst/high intensity interval (HIIT) training videos that improve stress resilience as opposed to chronic cardio (this is the biggest mistake I see in my private clients that drives cortisol high and keeps it there). Plus you can get an effective HIIT or Burst style workout in as little as 15 min per day and only need 1 hour per week versus putting in long hours on that treadmill daily so you have no more time driven excuses to ditch your exercise routine!
  • BONUS #4 – Hands-down the most effective 15-minute meditation technique I’ve experienced that’s a life changer and will radically change your well being both physiologically & psychologically (courtesy of Vishen Lakhiani).

The real value is that you are no longer a hostage to stress, sugar, out of whack hormones & have your energy, full head of hair, soft skin, flat belly and memory back.

You know it is time…

… that life is asking you to break your love affair with stress and sugar, and your body is begging you for loving, nurturing daily habits

You know there will be uncertainty on this new path: new foods, new habits, shedding the sh!t that doesn’t work & keeping you stuck year after year

You know, bone deep, that it’s TIME to step into onto this new path of sweet freedom with support and live your best life ever

It’s time, sweet one. Let’s do this together.


 Need more proof that this program works? Click here to read what previous participants had to say:

As Elizabeth Gilbert said, “A life has been entrusted to you. That life is your own. Please treat it with tenderness.” We sometimes forget this and say awful things about ourselves— about how pathetic, how lazy, how stupid, how fat, how ugly, what a failure, what an idiot, what a loser, what a coward, and why can’t you get it together? Imagine this: Imagine adopting an animal from the shelter, and then treating it as dreadfully as you sometimes treat yourself. Imagine calling that poor animal names. Imagine forcing it to stay in dangerous, toxic, or degrading situations. Imagine not taking it outside for walks in the fresh air and sunshine. Denying it sleep or healthy exercise. Feeding it toxic substances (like sugar) that cause hormonal havoc. Forgiving it for nothing. Denying it grace and love. You would never do this to another life form. And yet you do it to yourself.It’s time to notice your inner dialogue and make a commitment to love up your self-talk because guilt and shame are a war we wage on ourselves. It’s time to step out of the old story and habits that are keeping you stuck in this vicious cycle of stress, cravings, weight gain, guilt, loathing, rinse and repeat.It’s time to unravel the truth about how stress, sugar, alcohol affect your hormones and the aging process

It’s time to crack the cortisol code to design a juicier life without sugar and awaken your “feel good” from the inside out

It’s time to befriend your hormones and create a safe home for yourself

It’s time to say no more…

No more suffering with out of whack hormones

No more sugar withdrawals

No more energy crashes/fatigue stopping you from being there for your kids/grandkids

No more sitting in the mystery of your body ravaged with stress and weight gain feeling like it’s betrayed you

Ask yourself:

What will happen if I keep waiting to create the life my soul is really asking for?


This program is invitation only, so if this approach resonates with you and you’d like to learn more, click here to schedule a complimentary phone consultation so we can do a deep dive into your hormones and create a blueprint to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.