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“My body was looking for love in all the wrong places trying to find fulfillment from red velvet cupcakes and wine, but I ended up feeling bloated, fatigued and guilty. It wasn’t till I started working with Rupina that the light bulb finally came on and I realized the root cause was my out of whack hormones! She showed me how to move past the discomfort, pain and inexplicable fear into a neighborhood called Inner Peace. It was so liberating and my grateful heart (and svelte, sexy body) will always treasure this experience. Plus working with her is such a bargain as I was getting a brilliant functional medicine coach, soulful therapist and trusted guide all in one who celebrated my successes and gave me tough love when I fell into my old self-sabotaging ways. Simply priceless!”

~Nina Martinez

“Working with Rupina was a great decision for me. She helped me overcome in several areas of my life. Most importantly, working with her has empowered me to take control and responsibility for my health and well being. She taught me the why behind my sugar cravings and I discovered the ways in which I was letting others determine the direction of my life instead of walking in the person I was meant to be. A true investment in myself that has paid off immeasurably. When I got better so did all of my relationships. Thank you Rupina!”

~Renee Hoffman

“My emotional eating and cravings were ruling my life and I never thought I could break free from this vicious cycle till I purchased Rupina’s program. She showed me how to balance my hormones and differentiate between physical vs. emotional hunger. I never knew that hormones were the root icause of cravings and so many health issues. Plus her green smoothie and other recipes are so delicious, satiating and easy to whip up that I was able to break up my love affair with refined sugar and never look back. I lost 2 dress sizes, have tons of natural energy and feel unstoppable! This is truly the best investment I have made for myself! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~Anita Kanga

“I was skeptical of this program as I thought it would ask me to remove many of the foods I enjoyed with gusto, and boy, was I wrong! Rupina really listened to my challenges and gave me so many yummy, healthier options of old favorites that I didn’t feel deprived in any way. I not only lost 8 pounds in just one month, but my energy levels are through the roof and my face is so clear and baby soft to the touch.”

~Sherry Ramirez

“I was walking the straight and narrow with my diet and had even lost my desire for sweets but my chronic stress was the secret ingredient to my stubborn weight gain! Just one month into working with Rupina, I learnt some powerful techniques to dissolve the stress and soon as I lost the stress, I lost the excess weight. My only regret is struggling on my own for so many years and not getting help sooner.”

~Selma Laird

“I began working with Rupina over a year ago. Working her program has changed my whole life, both physically and mentally. When we first began I had many health challenges that no other health care providers were able to remedy. With Rupina’s knowledge and expertise, I am now thirty five pounds lighter and feeling better than I have in over twenty years. Rupina is very passionate about health and nutrition and because of that she is relentlessly driven to research and share all the latest information. What a blessing to have found someone who could give me the care that I so desperately needed.”

~Lori Espinosa

“When I started working with Rupina, I was so inflamed from endometriosis that I couldn’t even sit on my tailbone without pain. But after following her diet and lifestyle interventions, I had my cycle without any complications and haven’t taken a single pain killer. I didn’t think this was possible but I just don’t feel stress and my body won over my crazy mind. Rupina changed my life in just one short month.”

~Rabea Nawaz

“I never realized that my thoughts and beliefs were keeping me stuck but I have spent years locked in a prison with bars that were built in my own mind! Rupina’s coaching created this mindset shift to allow me to stop struggling and start thriving. I now stand taller, walk taller because I’m at home in my body and every cell of my being radiates self confidence. I have the energy to be the kind of Mom my kids deserve and to be awake and present to all the everyday ordinary and extraordinary moments that I would have missed in the past with my adrenal fatigue and brain fog. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon her website.”

~Vanessa Crane

“In a world where navigating through nutrition and hormones is like walking through a confusing maze, Rupina is a breath of fresh air! Not only does she get it but she delivers her expertise in a way that’s so easy to digest and integrate. I had undiagnosed Hashimotos and leaky gut and had hit rock bottom with my health. But in 3 short months, my embarrassing bloating and acne were gone and I reclaimed my lost vim and vigor. Rupina is a brilliant and compassionate coach and I’m so grateful for her help in turning my life around.”

~Jesse Lipzig

“I am so happy to have found Rupina. I was having some health issues, and my weight had slowly been creeping up over the past few years. I knew I had to get back on track, but each time I started a diet, within a week I was back to my same old habits. I also wanted to add in natural supplements to address my health concerns, but I did not know where to start. I was so confused with all the products on the market, and I was unsure about which ones would be best for my particular situation or how much I should be taking. After Rupina created a personalized eating plan for me including adding in the right supplements to help my body heal, I began feeling better and better. Not only was I noticing my health concerns diminish, but I saw my body reshaping and losing inches in areas that I had never previously lost before from other crash diets. I was now eating foods that brought nutrition to my body, and I was losing weight naturally. Rupina taught me that it is possible to lose weight without feeling hungry when you eat the right foods. Thanks to her I am healthier, slimmer and making changes that will last my entire life! Thank you, Rupina!”

~Elissa Masumoto

“This program exceeded my expectations – I actually understand why I eat what I eat– and my transformation was joyful unlike other weight loss programs that are filled with pain and deprivation. With Rupina’s guidance, I was able to finally break my take-out habit and she inspired me to get back into the kitchen and create yummy meals for my family in under 20 minutes. Not only did I lose 12 pounds effortlessly, I also saved big by eating in and slept well with a clear conscience knowing that I was creating a legacy of good health for my family.”

~Susan Shaheen