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Rupina Meer/Founder, Zentrition

Before I became a Holistic Health Coach, I wasn’t very healthy myself. I have an MBA and was steadily climbing the corporate ladder fueling myself with caffeine and sugar like every one else. But I knew I wanted something more meaningful…

It seems every now and then, the universe gently shakes us and guides us to change course. It starts out as the faintest of whispers. But if you ignore it, it turns into a scream. That was certainly my case in embarking on this new path.

I suffered a one-time seizure from popping too many allergy pills and that experience radically changed my stream of consciousness from a pharmaceutical to a holistic perspective. A few years later, I experienced a brief brush with the Big C–cervical cancer–and that made me more aware of how food can be our medicine and how our thoughts and stress levels can create a healthy or diseased body.

I was hurtling through life at 95 mph, surviving on frozen monstrosities devoid of any real nutrition aka Lean Cuisine. I never cooked and had no idea that this processed diet high in refined carbs was practically inviting those rogue cancer cells to make a snuggly home in my body. Did you know that sugar is the preferred fuel for cancer cells? And the Standard American Diet (SAD) is literally like throwing gasoline to fire!

In retrospect, I consider these two health crises as “gifts” that propelled me down the path to holistic wellness. A path marked by moments of gut wrenching fear as well as quiet grace. Our instant gratification culture doesn’t allow us to stay with whatever comes up and I learned to steer clear of pharmaceutical drugs and treat my body with the reverence it deserves. I started educating myself about nutrition and functional medicine and follow a holistic lifestyle incorporating nutrient dense whole foods, yoga and meditation. I am in tremendous awe of the power of the body’s intelligence and the miracle we inhabit. When an imbalance occurs, I go within for answers and get still to listen to my body’s intelligence.

My journey to wellness compelled me to explore the streets of my own emotions, organs and cravings to manifest my optimal vitality. And my mission is to empower you to do the same as I support you in decoding your body’s innate intelligence to unleash your optimal health.

I’m pretty driven when it comes to finding a better way with cravings, stress and health and have a life-long hunger for the science and soul of nourishment. I do this work because I love seeing the magic that happens when someone’s health and energy returns because they found the nutritional–or emotional–course correction to make that happen. When their now well nourished and balanced body becomes a vehicle for living a meaningful life and where they leave the world a better place.

My other passions are hiking in Mother Nature’s lap in the beautiful paradise of Sothern California (where I live), yoga, meditation, personal development and my 4-legged child (part child/part Zen master) who has taught me the deepest spiritual lessons without uttering a word.

Are you curious about how my work can help you break free from a self imposed prison of cravings, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, stress and a life half lived? Let’s talk. Simply call 949-709-4539 to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation with me today.